Clinical Instructor survey

  1. Introduction:
    You are invited to participate in a research project I am completing for a masters' thesis on bullying in undergraduate nursing clinical education.

    Description of the project:
    The research project includes surveying undergraduate nursing clinical instructors regarding their experiences with nursing students during different clinical rotations. The researcher's purpose is to determine if the prevalence of bullying and types of behaviors experienced are reported by clinical instructors as they have been by students in past studies. Participants will complete a one-time internet-based study regarding experiences witnessed during clinical rotations including some demographic questions. The survey will be distributed via email distribution lists. Participants from nursing schools the US will be asked to respond to the survey within four weeks of receiving the email.

    Benefits and Risks of this study:
    The proposed benefit of the study is being a part of trying to stop the prevalence of bullying in nursing school clinical experiences. No risks to participants are expected.

    No identifiers will be collected ensuring confidentiality of the participants. Survey results will only be seen by the researcher and reported data will be an aggregation of that collected through the survey. If individual stories are provided through open-ended questions in survey, absolutely no identifiers will be included in report in order to maintain confidentiality.

    Voluntary participation and withdrawal:
    Participants contacted through their school of nursing are under no obligation to participate in the research study and do not have to respond to the survey if they do not wish to. With no identifying information being collected, no participants will be contacted directly in regard to the study.
    Consent statement:

    Due to the internet-based distribution of the study, consent will be implied by clicking on the link for the survey.
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