Anyone a CRA assistant for COVANCE?

  1. Im looking into leaving hospital nursing & applying to become a CRA assistant. The only company I found that hires RN w/o experience is Covance.

    Has anyone have any experience with this company? What is the work load/responsiblities like? How easy is it to move up in the company? Is this position going to be less stressful than psych nursing? Hows the benefits?

    I cant find any info besides people who say they are CRAs. I want to know what a typical day is like. ANY info will be appreciated!
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  3. by   Rob72
    Hmmm... I've never heard of a CRA "assistant". I would suppose that its like a Research Assistant, being entry level, and prepping you to move up. Covance is one of the big 4, maybe 5, CROs (Covance, Quintiles, Parexel, Chiltern, Icon, et al.) IIRC, they started, offering centralized labs and ECG reads, then grew into CRO work.

    Stress in research is a different thing. As a CRA/Asst, most of your stress would come from trying to get sites to send you what you need, and complete your reports in a timely fashion. You will work with excellent Coordinators, some incompetent ones, a few who are actively malfeasant or working for a less than ethical PI. Read: glorified baby-sitter.

    I've never pursued it, since I have little desire to travel, but I've worked with quite a few CRAs over the years who were very happy, and quite successful, but I can't remember anyone specifically with Covance to refer you to...
  4. by   stephanie11
    Do you still work with convance, I just got talking to the HR on the phone regarding the research nurse