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  1. I am currently an ICU nurse (almost 2 years) with a previous career as a research assistant (animal models, basic lab bench work). I have been hoping to enter the world of clinical research. I have been actively looking into clinical trials research (thus combining research and nursing). But the opportunities are few and far between (my best shot just recently withered away). I love many aspects of intensive care nursing, but I am already becoming burnt out (physically and mentally) on bedside nursing. I am willing to wait, but I am trying to figure out what to do in the mean time. I think if I stayed with bedside nursing until an opportunity in research arises, I might just go nuts!

    My question is while waiting to enter the world of research nursing, are there any alternatives to bedside nursing I can pursue (of course those opportunites might be just as difficult to break into). Would working in a physician's office or as a casemanager for example hinder my chances of getting into research nursing? Or would I be better off crossing my fingers and staying in the hospital as a staff nurse (And pray I can hold out).

    Any advice/suggestions would be very very appreciated! Thanks!
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  3. by   Claritee
    I don't know where you live, but in Atl, GA the CDC hires nurses. You can also check out this thread:
    Nurses who DON'T work in a hospital, what do you do?. It really gave me some great ideas!
  4. by   tschreiner
    Try to search for local sites that maybe participating in research. They ususally have the site's contact name and number.
  5. by   ThanksForAllTheFish!
    Thanks for all the advice for looking for research positions!

    But what should I do in the meantime? I really would like to get away from the bedside for a variety of reasons sometime soon. Are there any non-bedside positions that wouldn't hinder or that might even help getting a research position when the opportunity arises (i.e. working in a physicians office, etc)? Or should I just wait it out as long as I can in my current job at the bedside?

  6. by   anc33
    Honestly, I would wait it out. Is there a specific patient population that you enjoy and would like eventually deal with in your research position? If so, you could look into transferring to another hospital floor. Really, depending on the area, there may be some other non-bedside positions to consider. In our office we generally hire people who have either oncology or research experience, preferably both. I know that narrowing the focus may lengthen your job search but it may help in the long run. Any ideas? I might be able to point to some resources for you depending on the area.