ADN or LPN or RN for a SoCRA CCRP?

  1. 0 hi all, im new to this site - i am in a very unique situation...i have searched relevant threads and the common response to "adn or lpn or rn?" is that it depends on your career goals / overall outcome

    education: ba biology (2005), socra ccrp (certified clinical research proffessional)

    experience: past 4 years working in clinical research for the (1 yr academic cancer center, 3 in big pharma- all in oncology)

    current: clinical trial manager in oncology for a big pharma company.

    i am in a very good position career wise, but have always regretted not following my instinct to pursue clinical patient care. due to financial & personal obligations (bought a house in june = crazy mortgage), i am unable to return to school full time. (personal training & nutrition/wellness coach part time to get my "fix") however, my company is in the midst of an acquisition, so there is a lot of change to come - one major change being we will most likely be working remotely from our homes- which means flexibility (ie potential to return to school).

    • clinical research proffessional full time- per diem practicing nurse (in place of the personal training!)
    • gain clinical insight and knowledge to be able to better communicate with nurses and doctors re: elligibility, dose modifications, dlts, procedures, design, endpoints, safety parameters, etc...
    • provide better quality comments on protocol/icf & database development , safety review, my medical team transition to a medical/safety position in the industry
    given my background, goals, current employment status, and financial obligations- which nursing program would i be best suited for?

    i truly appreciate your time and welcome feedback - even criticism- i welcome it all:d

    kind regards,
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    I would become an RN through an accelerated BSN program.

    Since You already have a BA in biology, your first two years (or more!) of a BSN should already be covered.

    Here's an example of a program... note that it's full time, but I bet you could find a similar program that is part time or even partly online:

    I would search for these kinds of programs, and then ask them if they allow part-time study which should still only take you two years.

    Good Luck!

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