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What is the starting off salary for a rehab nurse and how high can it go? What is considered the highest paying rehab job? Is there room for promotion? Thanks!!... Read More

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    I have been working on a Spinal Cord Injury Unit with Rehabilitation patients for some time; currently certified (CRRN) by the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses. I have worked as a staff RN on my current unit in Dallas, Texas for nearly 4 years. $39.11/hr, not including any differential for evenings or weekends, or overtime. I actually thought that was a very decent salary, but now I am seeing lots of $40+ per hour. Hmmm.
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    I'm in Austin...I'm also CRRN. We get no differential in pay for certification. My base is a little over 29/hr. I've been a nurse for 12 years. I'm thinking I should move to Dallas!
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    Love Austin. Love Dallas, too. Houston is where the hourly rates seem to be highest in Texas: Lots of $41+ per hour for Staff RN positions. I am not moving, however. My hospital strongly encourages and rewards additional education and certifications. When I took the CRRN, I had to pay for the materials and test, but once I passed, the hospital reimbursed all costs and gave me a $4500 annual raise (which took me to my current wage), plus a one-time cash award of $2K before taxes. However, if I had not passed, I would have received nothing. A second certification here will get an RN a $3K annual raise and one-time 2K cash award. No additional raises for 3rd or subsequent certs, however, but still good to have. I am now studying for a Med-Surg certification, which will be my second.