i need to make a decision...like yesterday!

  1. oh i am still so stressed about which job to decide! i dont want to shut my doors on any oppurtunities but i cant have it all and i dont think i could do it if i had it all! anyway my choices are
    option 1. rehab hospital on a traumatic brain injury unit hired me full time with good benefits. working the night shift 2 weeks sit down orientation plus 8 - 10 weeks with preceptor on the floor.

    option 2. med surg unit in a hospital working per diem + 24 hour position at an skilled nursing facility for me to have benefits because the per diem position does not have any benefits. the nurse manager at the med surg unit says that a 32 hour position will open up in october and i could apply for that position along with others who are also interested who are already working per diem at the unit.

    both have pros and cons and in my situation it gets harder because i dont have a car! i just passed my drivers learners permit and taking driving lessons in preparation to my road test. i know it sounds strange but i am a foreign nursing graduate and i have been here for only 2 years and i have always relied on public trans so now it means i need to really get my drivers license but how hard could that be? also option number 2 has very commutable with public trans but the rehab hospital is in the outskirts of the city and needs a car asap for it! the only reason why i am not getting option number one is because i dont have a car and family members keep telling me not to get a car yet and just public transportation but im like im taking that chance down because i dont have car? how hard is it to drive? its totally drivable, not like its even an hours drive to option number one, its only 20 mins if i had a car! im 26 years old i passed my boards i have been an RN for a year been working as an RN for a year, gave my notice of resignation because i got all these offers all at once and now i dont know what to chose.
    dont want to give up option number two because of the med surg per diem position at a prestigous hospital and its like getting my foot in the door but i need stability and security in my job as well...
    so confused please help!
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