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    I am sitting for the CRRN next week and wondering if anyone out there has tested in the last few years? The only CRRN I know took it about 6 years ago. If so how long did it take? Any suggestions on last minute studying?

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    I took the CRRN exam yesterday. I was expecting a pass or fail as soon as I hit "submit" on the screen, but instead I got a page saying "your exam results have been saved to the data base," and it gave me an exam result ID #. Did this happen to you as well? Others I work with got the pass/ fail results immediately.

    When I got home I looked more closely at the "candidate handbook," and noticed it says, candidates who take the exam in June 2007 will get a score report in August, after the RNCB conducts a "cut score study". Then I read, contents of the exam have been revised and go into effect in June. So, basically you and I were guinea pigs, or we've set the standard by which others will be judged? Because it says the candidates taking the test in December will be given the score report immediately at the test center.

    Anyway wondering if you've had the same experience? Did you get the same page saying the results have been entered into the data base?

    Also, how did you feel about the test? I think I did horrible, it was all nursing theory, legal and ethical issues, team models.. basically all the stuff I hate! I spent many more hours study physiological aspects of disease processes. For example, tell me what symtoms a stoke patient has and I can tell you what part of the brain was effected and which cerebral artery was involved. I think maybe 5% of the test was actual physiological questions.
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    I am studying for it now. How much did you study. I will prbly take in Dec. Is that enough time to study? What kind of ques are there. The book seems to be all outlined stuff. Are there hands on care questions.?????
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    gosh now I am scared. I dont find those theory and legal issues interesting, so I will have a hard time studying. Maybe I will have to start a thread on just this topic-or does anyone have awebsite for this etc.
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    I also felt as though alot of the questions were theory, eligability, and care models. My hospital purchased the computer questions and I did all of those, there was one with 750 questions with rational and another with a pretest/course/postest. I don't know how many hours I spent, but I should have spent less time on disease process, treatments, and pathophysiology. My test just turned off, I figure that at least if I have to retake in December I will know right away.
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    Quote from heidiann25
    I am sitting for the CRRN next week and wondering if anyone out there has tested in the last few years? The only CRRN I know took it about 6 years ago. If so how long did it take? Any suggestions on last minute studying?
    Finally got the results today, took the exam way back in June, same as you. I passed--- I was a little concerned, the test sucked. Did you get your results yet? Just curious.
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    Yes, I got my results last Friday and I also passed. It took so long to get the results back!!! I guess that those who take it in December don't have to wait as long. Congratulations!!!!!
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    Hi, I'm taking the test in December. I've been studying until my eyes are crossed. Any suggestions for taking it? What was the hardest part? What are the questions like? Thanks!
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    Quote from underpaidrn
    hi, i'm taking the test in december. i've been studying until my eyes are crossed. any suggestions for taking it? what was the hardest part? what are the questions like? thanks!
    did you take the test? did you pass the test? what state are you in? what did you study?
    dont want to use up all of your time, but this is a quest of mine right now...

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    I took the test June 25th and passed it. I'm in NH, and got the results right away. I found it rather difficult. I had taken a review course, but found that a lot of the questions were about case management, nursing models, and legislation. I don't feel it tests your clinical knowledge at all. I read a couple of different rehab nursing books that were helpful. Good luck with your studying.

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