Cognitive FIM scores

  1. I would like to get feedback on easy ways to teach Cognitive FIM scores, if anybody has any please share! Thanks!
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  3. by   mom2cka
    UDS has a good guide but it's a struggle in my organization - I just had the bright idea to score this myself (as PPS) and after a few days, wonder what I got myself into - I think it'll work out, but to look at a 24-hour period to assign the score is the correct way and that's difficult - PM me
  4. by   Renepoo
    Yes, i do agree that UDS has a good guide, but my nurses seem to not get it. I have done everything i know to do to help with the cognitive scores, but they still seem to struggle. I was wondering if anyone had the "magic" answer, or could share anything that seems to work for them.
  5. by   tawnestjoe
    I am having the same issue on my Rehab Unit. I am going to try and initiate a PI plan to attempt more accurate scoring. I had thought to use a worksheet where all disciplines track the amount of help they provided during their interactions. Seeming as RNs spend all 24hrs with the pt, there insight is vital. After receiving all of this data, hopefully a 24hr picture can be obtained. I am not exactly sure how else to get a good accurate score, unless you ask all disciplines to score.
  6. by   Renepoo
    I have recruited our Speech Therapist to supply me with some simple questions to ask the patient for each of the areas that would help the nurses determine what the FIM score should be. I'm hoping this will help them

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