Which one?

  1. There are a few different nursing school options in my area and I an wondering which one I should choose?
    I already have an associates degree in arts and sciences. I also have a bachelors degree in legal studies. Should I.....

    A. Go to the hospital nursing program for $25k which will give me a adn and then onto a bsn program for another two years and $25k. Only 50 spots offered once a year doesn't start until 6/14 will finish 12/17 total cost $50k

    B. go to the hospital nursing program $25k and then since I already have a bachelors degree I can take a rn-ms certificate program for $12k again only 50 spots can't start until 6/14 I will finish 12/16 total cost $38k

    C. Go into an accelerated second degree program that in 16 months I will have a bsn and rn for $49k that has three classes a year and I could start this year. I will finish 12/15.

    D. Go to the hospital nursing adn program for 25k that doesn't start until 6/14 and then onto a rn-bsn program for 13k? Total cost $38k and I will finish 12/17

    What will serve my career better in the long run? Will the rn-ms certificate be equivalent to a bsn since I already have a degree and its targeted to those who do?
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