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Hey everyone...just wondering if anyone here has applied to Stony Brook University's distance learning Pediatric NP program for this summer '12. If so, has anyone heard any replies yet? I've been... Read More

  1. by   safrn
    That's strange that you didn't get anything yet. I would call Student Services or email Dolores Bilges. The email came from her. Her email address is on the School of Nursing website. I got the info right away so you should have as well. I only have to be there on Wednesday. It's an all day thing so I will fly in Tuesday eve and I have to fly out Thursday morning because the last flight I can get out Wed is too early. I'm in the Psych/Mental Health program and different programs meet on different days. I thought it was a 2 day orientation, but it is only one full day. So, you'll need to find out which day your program meets. Good luck!
  2. by   cancer67
    Just curious what is the GPA that is needed to get in the program.
  3. by   cindyk123
    Thanks! I got my email finally late yesterday afternoon. I too only have to be there Wednesday. I am in the Neonatal NP program. I am driving, I'm about 7 hours away. See you Wednesday!
  4. by   safrn
    I'm in the Buffalo area, but I'm working Tuesday and couldn't picture driving 7-8 hours or so after that by myself. Where do you live? I would drive in the future though if I could arrange it better.
  5. by   cancer67
    Cindy you said you received your acceptance email late yesterday. I am still waiting for a response and its nerve wrecking...
  6. by   cancer67
    Woohoo!!!!!!!!!! I just received call and email accepted into the ANP. Orientation is on Monday. Congratulations to everyone who has been admitted.
  7. by   cindyk123
    I got my acceptance letter last Thursday and yesterday I got the info about orientation and such. I live near the Watertown area and right now I am fortunately to be working in a education department with more flexible scheduling and am taking Tuesday and Wednesday off and probaly going in late Thursday. I took a short break from patient care but going back to what I love the end of July or beginning of August. Having surgery soon so staying put for right now.
    The drive itself isn't bad I have done it before with thw BS orientation. I just make sure I am at the hotel before it gets to dark so I can find my way!
    Cancer67 Congrtas!!
  8. by   cancer67
    Congratulations Cindy are you in the Adult NP program as well?
  9. by   cindyk123
    No I amin the Neonatal NP program. Congrats to you too!
  10. by   KeriMarie
    Hi ladies and gents. I hear your frustration as I was in the same boat as many of you. I finally heard from admissions YESTERDAY that I was accepted into the PMHNP program. My scathing email to Dolores (I felt terrible she had to be on the other end of it) explained that someone needs to be accountable for the absolute disregard for prospective students. Many of us put a lot of heart, time and consideration when applying to this program. To boot- many of us are traveling from all over the US to make this happen. I've accepted my seat but with hesitation. I really hope that once in the program, the curriculum/clinicals are smooth sailing. Does anyone even know what classes we are slated to start May 28th? It's almost laughable how unorganized the program appears. However, like many of you, time is of the essence and I absolutely need to start a program now. Good luck to you all! Safe and happy travels.