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Hey everyone...just wondering if anyone here has applied to Stony Brook University's distance learning Pediatric NP program for this summer '12. If so, has anyone heard any replies yet? I've been anxiously waiting and checking my... Read More

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    Congratulations Cindy are you in the Adult NP program as well?
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    No I amin the Neonatal NP program. Congrats to you too!
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    Hi ladies and gents. I hear your frustration as I was in the same boat as many of you. I finally heard from admissions YESTERDAY that I was accepted into the PMHNP program. My scathing email to Dolores (I felt terrible she had to be on the other end of it) explained that someone needs to be accountable for the absolute disregard for prospective students. Many of us put a lot of heart, time and consideration when applying to this program. To boot- many of us are traveling from all over the US to make this happen. I've accepted my seat but with hesitation. I really hope that once in the program, the curriculum/clinicals are smooth sailing. Does anyone even know what classes we are slated to start May 28th? It's almost laughable how unorganized the program appears. However, like many of you, time is of the essence and I absolutely need to start a program now. Good luck to you all! Safe and happy travels.