RN to BSN/MS-Trinitas to Rutgers dilemma

  1. Hey all,

    I graduated in May 2011 with an Associate Degree in Science from Union County College and a Diploma in Nursing from Trinitas School of Nursing. Now I'm transferring to Rutgers RN to BSN/MS program, which starts in September. I've already been accepted but still don't know for sure how many credits I'll be able to transfer. To my surprise, after attending their open house on saturday, the program coordinator tells me they will most likely only accept 24 of my 36 nursing credits because I don't have an Associates in Nursing. I was so shcocked, my reply was almost like a reflex: "Yes I do"! and she goes: " No honey you have an Associates in Science not Nursing, so we can only consider your Diploma. I know that sucks but I'm still willing to do it. The program is online with clinicals once a week but those extra classes I'll have to take(or retake) are on campus.
    Im currently working full time 8-hr shifts, which makes things more complicated. I was planning to take those classes at a community college and then then transfer the credits over to Rutgers. So I have 2 questions for You guys:

    1_ Do you personally think that it's worth enrolling in this program even though they won't accept all my credits(which means more money and more time), taking into considerantion that Rutgers Nursing program is one of the best in New Jersey? OR should I look for another school that will accept all my credits?

    2_ Has anyone been in the same exact situation? How many credits were you able to transfer from Trinitas to Rutgers? What classes did you have to take? (I know about NJtransfer, tried it several times and it didn't work. Rutgers hasn't set the dates for academic counseling and I'm concerend I'll miss the registration deadline at the community college)
    I just wish I had better academic guidance in the first place.

    I'll appreciate if someone would time the time to share their experiences with me and help me out.

    Thank you much
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