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New Grad Resume HELP!!!

  1. 0 Hello everyone!
    I'm not sure where I should post this, but I thought I would try here! If you guys know of a better place to ask for help please let me know!
    I graduated in Long Beach in may, then moved to portland, OR and was just able to take the nclex and thankfully passed in OCT!!! I moved here to help take care of my mother who has become extremely ill. I did not include anything about this on my resume, however, I am planning on including this into my cover letter, Im just not sure how I should go about this :-/. I copied and pasted my resume in response and hope that some of you would be willing to help me improve it! and give any advice for starting cover letters!
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    Here is my resume:

    Seeking a challenging position in a hospital environment where my medical, professional, and clinical experience will be fully utilized and where I can expand my multi-tasking skills to help promote health to the patient and the community.

    • Licensed RN in Oregon
    • Basic Life Support (BLS)
    • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) / Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) anticipated November 2012
    • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
    Education_________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________
    Long Beach City College, CA
    Associate Degree of Nursing – Graduated: May 2012
    St. Marys Medical Center Scholarship Awarded

    Senior Practicum – Emergency Department - Level II Trauma St. Marys Medical Center - 162 hours
    • Performed nursing responsibilities for 1-4 patients requiring acute-urgent care under the supervision of a preceptor during the PM shift
    • Admitted and discharged patients based on severity of illness
    • Extensive practice establishing IV access in high pressure, fast paced environments
    • Experience triaging/providing care for a large variety of trauma patients ranging from acute appendicitis to numerous bullet wounds
    Clinical Rotations – Totaling 972 hours of clinical experience
    • Trauma and Cardiac Intensive Care Units – Long Beach Memorial – Extensive practice performing nursing responsibilities for ventilated patients
    • Pediatric – Long Beach Memorial
    • Telemetry – St. Marys Medical Center
    • Psychiatric – Pacific Health
    • Obstetrics – St. Marys Medical Center
    • Medical Surgical – St. Marys Medical Center
    • Medical Surgical – Bellflower Hospital
    • Long Term Care - Alamitos Bellmont Rehabilitation Center
    Bachelor of Science in Nursing pending August 2013-May 2014

    • Competent in Microsoft Applications, Pyxus Medication Administration, Epic Computer Programs

    • Proficient in complete patient assessment, nursing diagnosis, identifying expected outcomes, developing a plan of care, implementing interventions, and evaluating and documenting patient outcomes in medical/surgical, telemetry, labor/delivery, postpartum, mental health, pediatric, trauma and intensive care patients.
    Work Experience

    Office Assistant – Westside Family Practice, Tigard, OR June 2012 – Present
    • Responsible for obtaining lab specimens and vital signs
    • Administered injections, prepared rooms for patient exams/procedures
    • Completed charting, filing, and maintenance of patient records as well as calling in prescriptions
    Student Worker – Long Beach City College, Nursing Department October 2010 – May 2011
    • Assisted in setting up patient care scenarios for nursing students
    • Responsible for upkeep of mannequins and nursing equipment used in the nursing department
    • Trained in the use of mannequins and nursing equipment
    • Responsible for training student workers in the nursing department
    Child Care – Portland, OR June 2008 – May 2009
    • Responsible for children ages 2, 8, and 12
    • Responsible for child-care and activities like shopping, cooking, ironing, laundry and mending
    • Supervised medical conditions and food choices preparing and serving nutritious meals
    • Maintained a safe, healthy and positive environment for children by preparing various activities, avoiding conflict situations and nurturing self-esteem
    • Responsible for taking the children to and from school as well as planning daily activities
    Achievements and Volunteer Experience________________________________________ _________________________________
    • St. Mary’s Medical Center Nurse Scholar – Competitive scholarship awarded based on GPA, interview, and volunteer experience
    • Awarded by the Muscular Dystrophy Association for being top regional fundraiser
    • Obtained a leadership letter from Nursing Student Association for chairing the Long Beach Mission Charity through LBCC
    • Volunteered as a Clinical Care Extender at St. Mary’s Medical Center on the medical surgical and telemetry floors
    • Volunteered as public liaison and medical lab assistant at Trinity Health Hospital, Minot, ND
    Professional Memberships_______________________________________ ______________________________________________
    • Student Nurse Association at Long Beach City College (NSA)
    • National Student Nurses Association (NSNA)

    *Letters of recommendation available upon request*
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    Your resume looks excellent. My only suggestion is really nice paper The job market is tough, I don't think resume's really make too much of a difference because a New Grad is a New Grad is a New Grad. Interview well, practice being self confident, ask your potential managers a lot of questions. As far as a cover letter, keep it professional, don't get too personal IMO. Depending on state laws, someone who has a lot of kids, or taking care of dependent adults sounds like someone who will request a lot of leave which to a manager could find annoying, and might not hire you.
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