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nclex this july

  1. 0 hi i am an international nurse planning to give nclex in july and taking the kaplan course
    nt able to prepare and even dont knw were to start from can anyone help
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    Me too, I am going to take the exam coming July. I have used Saunder comprehensive book and went over it, now I am doing practice through using the Saunder review book as well as the lippincotte but I feel as if I do not know anything I do not know what to do as I am some how nervous. Not only that, but I am an international student so do the calculation but I have taken my BSN in USA
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    Now I am much better. What I have done is that throwing away negative thoughts and be more positive. As I told you that I am done with the comprehensive (saunder) so now what I am doing is the following:
    - 50 questions from the review book in the early morning (at 0500 a.m.) and the other 50 in the evening before sleeping
    - around 300 questions from lippincott and 75 questions from the comprehensive CD of saunder
    - Weekends are for pharmacology as I can concentrate more

    I am planning to practice at least 5000 questions before doing the exam, so I wish I will pass it. Just cheer up and have some fun while studying
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    Well, I forget to say that I PASSED the exam and I am RN

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