MBA MHA graduates going for a BSN or ABSN

  1. I have a BS in Psychology and a Masters in Health Administration (I heard it's equivalent is an MBA or MHS or MHA). I spent the last 10+years working in academic medical institutions in research and administration with a focus on marketing/communications. I'm interested in getting an accelerated ABSN or direct entry MSN in the near future to be equipped with a whole new skill set and be able to build clinical experiences in healthcare.

    I know there are people who started out in nursing first, and are now entering into FNP programs or getting an MBA (and that's how I would've like to do it if I could start over again), but what about those who did it the other way around? Was it hard for you, or did you find advantages to having the kind of background we have? I'm very curious how things go for that latter group. Would love to hear more experienced nurses share views of what you've seen in the workplace concerning people who have administrative backgrounds that go into nursing.
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  3. by   Roasted.Peanuts
    I am kind of in the same boat as you. I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Healthcare Administration and have just been accepted to an ADN program. My end goal is to become a CRNA and I am also curious to know about other's experiences going to the clinical side of healthcare after the admin side.