How to get acute care experience?

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    I graduated a year ago in May with my RN/BSN. I have only been able to get a job with Mollen and in a LTC/Rehab facility. All of the hospitals want at least one year of ACUTE experience... how can I get that without having it to begin with? Should I just apply for the position with what experience I have, even if its not acute care?

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    Have you tried nurse residencies? Most nurse resident programs hire new grads and nurses from LTC facilities. This is usually the best was to get into acute care nursing.
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    If you don't apply, you really don't have a chance. It is a difficult to move from LTC to the hospital (not because of your skills or anything, more because of Human Resources...)

    I recommend applying, and also, if you live in a place where there is only one hospital, try to meet and get to know some people. Start networking at the Gym, church, etc. The more people you know the better chance you have of being recommended etc etc.

    And yes, the NUrse residency programs are an excellent way to go. Also call and see if you can not speak with recruiters, not just sending in your application....
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    Honestly, I still got call backs even though I am in LTC. I think the one year acute care experience is merely a suggestion in most cases. When I see three or more years required in the description, I tend to not touch those.

    Nurse residency programs I have had no luck in though, they always want new grads for those.

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