H.E.L.P. In need of guidance, or advice.

  1. Hiii guys, for past couple of months I've been having this debate with myself. And I have looked for assistance from other places but no real definite decision has been made. I've come to conclusion that the best way to get advice on this subject matter is through this forum, so here's my debate.

    I've recently transferred from my JC and now attending California State University, Fullerton as a Health Science major. All my pre reqs are completed, I need now is the application to programs. But here is where my debate gets sticky, my GPA isn't the best, and I haven't taken the TEAS yet.

    I have the opportunity to either apply to some JC programs, or a private universities RN program.
    But from what I've heard, and talked to some of my peers that are in RN programs is that its more difficult for ADN's to get a job in the state of California nowadays. So its sorta been discouraging me from pursuing going into a ADN program, I feel like it'd have more risk than reward.

    THE real question is this: Should I, stay at my university get an BA in Health Science, and THEN go into a RN program. OR should I just discontinue my education at CSUF and go straight into and ADN or BSN program at a private university.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. I NEED GUIDANCE. So please any advice is helpful, I need an outlook of the job market for ADN's really. Thank you.
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