BSN graduate in the philippines migrated here in New Jersey BSN graduate in the philippines migrated here in New Jersey | allnurses

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BSN graduate in the philippines migrated here in New Jersey

  1. 0 I am a BSN graduate in the philippines and doesn't have a license yet becAuse right after my graduation we migrated here in New Jersey and did not have the chance to take the licensure exam. Please i need an advice regarding my credential evaluation service application at CGFNS . I applied for this last year month of february 2010 and it got expired last march 2012. Because i was not able to complete just one more requirement which is the englisg exam. The thing is i have taken it and got the passing score of 6.5 but need to have a grade of 7 in speaking category but i only got 6.5. I know i can re-apply my application in 12 months time which started last feb 27, 2012. And i am plannning to take another IELTS this september 22 which i am really scared to take another speaking test again. But then someone advices me to apply in the state of new york for they don't require any english exam. What should i do? How can i change the state which i already applied for? Been here quite a while and still i don't have any job experience and sometimes i got frustrated cause we send back all my 4 kids to the philippines and planning to get them after i finish all this and have a job so we can have our own place to stay. Please i need advice. Am i doing the right application? What should i do?
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    the nj bon requires a professional license from ur country.. in new york they doesnt require it.