1. What type of positions in nusing are offered for BSN that aren't offered with a associate degree other than teaching. I hopefullty will have my associates in Dec. and Ive thought about continuing on for my BSN but I don't know if the time and money would be worth it.I don't want to teach and I don't want to go into management...what else is there?
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  3. by   ElvishDNP
    A lot of places have clinical educator or research roles that either require or prefer a BSN. School nurses as well, at least in my state. As other posters have said, a BSN is an investment in your future; if you do burn out from the bedside/hospital, a BSN gives you more options to fall back on. As it is, I don't know any ADNs who had trouble finding jobs as new grads. Does this clarify things for you at all?