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    Hello! Does anybody have any feedback on getting a RN to BSN from Brandman University? Thank you!

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    Hi, I was wondering if you ended up going with Brandman? I want to start there next fall for RN-BSN
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    I was thinking of going here next Spring also. Does anyone have any opinions on the RN to BSN program? I was wondering if it is organized and professors are considerate if we work or etc
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    Bump...? Also considering Brandman...anyone have any feedback??

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    Bump again, I am still looking for feedback on this program
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    I have applied for this fall... Just waiting to get my NCLEX test date to be officially accepted. I haven't hear anything about the program though.
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    Started this week with a 4 day "immersion" session in Irvine, CA. So far so good. The teachers seem very involved and concerned with the students learning. The campus and facilities are really nice. The program is CCNE and WASC accredited. RN-BSN is I think 36 units, and the cost is about 18K. The cohort is a year long. At this point, I would definitely recommend it.
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