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attention former LPN / LVN's

  1. 1 Hi. I'm looking to find some RN's with BSN degrees that were former LVN / LPN's to see which route they took. I recently passed my NCLEX boards for the LVN over here in Southern California (woohoo!) and I'm trying to find the quickest rout possible to obtain a BSN. I've been looking into Indiana State University (online program) and Oklahoma University out here in San Diego but I'd like to get some feedback from some people that might have gone through either school to get some feedback, how it worked out for them, any... * ahem * "constructive criticism", etc... Oklahoma's 13 month accelerated BSN program if fairly new and requires a bachelors in any other field, which I already have in Information Systems. So I'm working on my second BSN in Nursing.
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    I don't have actual experience with the online program, but I'm from Oklahoma City where the original OU school of nursing is at. We did clinicals with OU students (I graduated from OSU). I know alot of OU grads and it is a great program. I'd go with it.
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    I was an LPN for 11 years. I started with the Excelsior College program in January 2007 and graduated with my ASN in March 2008. I am now going to start my BSN program with Chamberlain College of Nursing (online) and should graduate from that program in 2 semesters!

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