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  1. Hello, my name is Jason and I have decided that a Nursing career would be a great path for me. My question is regarding courses necessary to get into a Nursing school. If I take all my classes (general ed/anatomy/ect) in say California, will they be transferable to any/most Nursing schools out of state/online? Are there any additional classes that I might need for a particular school? Or do most Nursing schools require the same courses across the board?

    Thanks for any advice!
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  3. by   arciedee
    I've found that nursing schools can have incredibly variable requirements. There are some basic ones that are nearly universal (i.e. A&P, microbiology, etc.), but even that... some schools you need to have everything completed before you apply or start the nursing courses, others let you take them along with nursing courses. Some schools say that you only need to have taken chem at the high school level, whereas others want it at the college level, etc. Some schools require certain courses that other schools don't. And on and on. It's one of my biggest beefs about nursing programs.

    Just make sure that whatever school you take courses at now is accredited. That will make transferring courses later easier.