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Has anyone gotten accepted into the bachelors programs at NVCC? I got my acceptance letter last week. :D If you have support courses done already that is great but they are saying that you can't take any others, until it is... Read More

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    It will be great when we have the orientation so some things can be cleared up.

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    I have a few freinds that are in the program, (Associates) and they stress to me to start reading now. They say don't wait. Test are give every 2-3 weeks and you may have to read several chpts with tons of pages in between each one. I have one friend that would call me before each test stressed out. She said whatever I do, take the program seriously and study hard. Read now just to get a general understanding.
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    If you work at the hospital, you could get the hospital to pay for it. Maybe not all but most. Depends on hrs required to work and how much they are willing to pay.
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    Does any one know how many spots they have for this program or if there was a wait list for it now that it is competitive? I'm hoping to get into it for next fall or maybe the accelerated track!


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