About to relocate to Dallas Fort Worth, TX- in need with advice...

  1. Hello! I'm fairly new to this networking website. I am about to move to Fort Worth, TX area. I need help with choosing school with good reputation for their nursing program. I am looking at obtaining an Associate Degree in Nursing. 7 years ago, I completed most of my nursing pre-requisites except for Microbiology here in Michigan. I lost confident after almost failed my Organic Chem class. BSN programs asked for an almost 3.8 of GPA, I walked out and majored in something else and started a family. Now, I just want to follow my heart and want to be a nurse. But I have no clue what school is good and what not in Texas area. I know that I need to retake my A&P...and start my Microbiology...I am really lost and confused of where i should start...what the programs are looking for
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