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  1. While I've been in healthcare ten years, I'm new to long term care QA/QI programs. I'm suddenly in charge of one and have no idea where to start. The facility I'm working for is very small, non-profit who has, until recently been fairly slow to move toward technology, so the only QA manual I have is over 20 years old.
    Are there any places to find tools or forms to assist? I'm not finding much in my internet searching.
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  3. by   cfaith
    here are two sites i use a lot. are you guys joint commission accredited make sure you use those standards as you review policies for any changes. also review cms and osha regulations.
    best of luck!
  4. by   Kendy73
    Thank you, I hadn't happened upon the IHI site, I'll explore that more.

    What I've been finding is that most sites that seem to have QA information are directed toward hospitals and not long term care. While some of that is helpful, the regulations are far different. I've obviously been through our state regulation book (as well as the federal regs) a million times, but it seems actually finding concrete ways to track and improve on issues isn't easy to find.
  5. by   salvadordolly
    google "QAPI" instead, you'll find a lot more for LTC.