How to find a QI job??

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    I'm interested in learning more about this kind of job. Can anyone tell me how to find open positions? I'm in WA state if that makes a difference.

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  3. by   ptla1725
    I am also looking to enter the Quality Assurance field. I have an interest in learning about Risk Management. What steps can anyone give me to point me in the right direction. I have MSN and MPH and have over 20years of nursing experience. I would like to find a position that would me give skills in systems and operations. Should I look into getting certification in Project Management or how can I obtain entry level skills? Thanks for any advice anyone can give me.
  4. by   ltcconsultant
    Most help-wanted websites for nurses have at least one or two QI positions available. Additionally, you could check the websites for either the National Association for Healthcare Quality ( or find a website for your state healthcare quality association. Insurance companies and managed care organizations hire QI people. You could also check with your state's Medicare Quality Improvement Organization to see if they have any positions available. Typically, QI positions require a RN with either a CPHQ or a MSN/MHA/MPH. I'm familiar with the PMP but I would imagine that most potential employers aren't. It is a required credential for some Medicare contractors, though. Good luck finding what you want.
  5. by   pLucy49
    You could also become certified in Utilization Review. BC/BS hires RN's for Utilization Review. And it is nationwide. Any big insurance company hires nurses.