Help with school project!!!

  1. Hi everyone!!! I just started the CNS program at my hospital and I wanted to share my Leadership class project to see if anyone has any ideas for me?

    Choose a leadership situation. It may be current or a creative nursing leadership structure. Analyze the situation as the leader of a unit, organization, or pilot unit. The goal is to propel this unit or project approximately 10 years into the future.

    These are all the directions I have! Our teacher said to think about the things you routinely complain about and how to fix them. She said that some of the ideas from this project actually get put into place in the hospital. Anyone have any ideas?
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  3. by   jtaublib
    the first thing that comes to mind is how are going to staff our health care facilities, clinics, surgi-centers, nursing homes, etc. speaking as a nurse about to retire, who will take care of me? the shortage of qualified staff is just starting to be realized. look at the average salary of rns, lpns, and nas over the past 10 years. the shortages are not only our problem but extend worldwide. i received an inquiry from a british nurse recruiter asking if i was interested in working in england. the demographics for the baby boomers is easily available. the need is going to be astronomical. positions such as staffing coordinator, recruiter, supervisor, are going to be in demand. you did not state the area you work in so it is hard to be more specific. hope this helps.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comfficeffice" /><o></o>