Delayed lung sounds?

  1. Hi all! I work in Oncology and have an 'out of curiousity' question.. I was auscultating a man's lungs the other day, one lung sounded normal... but the other seemed to have a delay between the time that I saw his chest rise and actually heard the lung sound begin. Hope this makes sense? I could see that he'd begun a breath visually, but it took a portion of a second to actually hear it through my stethoscope..

    Then I would be able to hear it it last a fraction of a second after the chest had ceased movement.

    Just trying to figure out what in the world this is for curiousity sake. I looked online, and saw mentions of delayed lung sounds, but couldn't find an answer. Thanks!!
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  3. by   PageRespiratory!
    AW obstruction of some sort. Typically Pt's with obstructive disease have an extended expiratory phase, however I've noted prolonged inspiratory time as well, sometimes accompanied by wheezes or squeaks (often mid- inspiratory). I knew exactly what you meant by your description, thoracic expansion followed by breath sounds. Interesting though you only hear it unilaterally, does this man have lung CA?
  4. by   flygirls2
    Mets to the lungs. Thank you for the awesome answer! I asked my co-workers, and no one knew.. So I was beginning to think I had imagined it. Very interesting post, thanks.