PHN I advice please

  1. I am a new grad with less than three months experience at myfirst job in LTC. I received a call foran interview for a PHN I position that I applied for back in January. While I enjoy LTC nursing, providing healtheducation and counseling to the community is more my ideal career.
    What is a day in the life of a PHN I like? The duties listedin the job description are wide and varied. I live in rural Northern CA.
    What are the hours? I feel that I'm burning out on nightshift already.
    Also, any interviewadvice would be much appreciated. Thankyou!
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  3. by   AlaBro2010
    It really varies. My health department is small so we do it all immunization, Tb, rabies, stds, OB, peds, etc. some health departments specialize so one nurse does immunizations etc. This is usually an 8-5 job with a one hour lunch. We do whatever is scheduled on a daily basis so I can't really say a typical day. I would be sure to look at the CDC website for information and I think they'd be impressed with if you knew things relevant to the job like recommended treatment for STD's, vaccination schedule, etc.
  4. by   Elle_Guerira
    I agree with Belle1005. The duties of a PHN can vary depending where you work. I did imms, health screenings/fairs, provided first-aid in community events, home visits, supervised home visitors, case/medication management, accompanied patients to their appts, and of course patient education (which is my favorite part of the job!). Hours are typically 8 - 5, M - F and you don't work during the major holidays (for me it's 12 holidays). One piece of interview advice I can give you is to be enthusiastic during the interview. Good luck!