I want to get into public health nursing but not sure how. Please help! I want to get into public health nursing but not sure how. Please help! | allnurses

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I want to get into public health nursing but not sure how. Please help!

  1. 0 Hi everyone. I graduated with my BSN last January and am currently working in an acute care setting here in Los Angeles. I have quickly realized that while I like my job, this isn't exactly what I want to do with my career. I would love more than anything to work in the community with for example at risk teens, LGTB communities, WIC, pediatric clinics ect. I need to be in the LA area since I live in Sherman Oaks. I would appreciate any help regarding how I go about making these dreams come true. I don't even know where to start!!!

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    I graduated in 2008 and have been in Public Health for one year now. I found my job with the help of my Community Health professor, but this is what I would suggest:

    Go to your local county health department website and see what opportunities are available online. Then, I would also go to the health department closest to you and see if they have a job postings board. We have one in the lobby of our health department. Apply for jobs even if you don't think you fit the qualifications. I have a friend who just got a job in Epidemiology even though she had no prior experience, but they really wanted someone with a BSN. The most important thing you can do is be persistent. Things move a little slower at the Public Health level (at least where I work), so don't be afraid to call and check in periodically to see if there are job openings.

    I have been very happy with my job---lower stress, no holidays or weekends, 3 weeks vacation and 3 weeks sick each year (including days off like Columbus Day and Veterans Day!). But, the main thing I like is that I actually am being the nurse I dreamed of being while I was in school---making a real difference in my patients' lives.

    Good luck!
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    Based on your interests it looks like you would best fit in a Health Department, but know that there are other opportunities out there. Look into Planned Parenthood, Child and Family Services, HIV/AIDS clinics etc. LA probably has a ton of community resources. I would contact UCLA School of Public Health, or even a SW at your place of employment to obtain a list of community resources. Good luck to you!
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    Any luck with your search?