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Community Health Nurse?

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    I'm curious as to what a "community health nurse" does, and what their role is? What clinical experience/skills are necessary? Any other additional infomraiton re: community health RN would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hi Midget:
    I have been doing research and am recruiting RN's to San Diego County. In my searches, I goggled Community Health Nurse and their were lots of links.
    If your interested in Community Heath Nursing, I would sugest working for the County and/or Public Health. Let me know if your near San Diego as we are hiring.
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    Good Morning, Harry: No, I'm not near San Diego...but I've heard it's a nice city. Maybe relocation is something I will think about after school. Portland isn't where I desire to stay my whole life!

    The Community Health nurse I talked to hear, said her role was to act as a go-between for community resources, healthcare for clients, etc, and cordinate it all, but beacuse she worked by herself to asses people, she needed to have very strong clinical background. So, I was curious if there were specific requirements for such a position. Several people have mentioned working for the Health Department, and I don't know if that's whoe she workd for, but I will do some research! I will definently do some more research, as this seems very appealing to me. Thank you!
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    your welcome.