Children's public health interview. Advice?

  1. I have an interview coming up for a children's public health position. I am unsure what the duties are specifically, but I know that the facility has several services like primary and specialized care for low-income chronic kids, primary care for these children's siblings, early outreach for infants and toddlers to detect illnesses and begin their care planning, home health, and possibly high risk maternal. One position was a nurse specialist and one was a community nurse, both with the same facility, description, and pay- leaving me a little unsure of the details. Because of this, I have familiarized myself with all their services, but I would like to hear any advice as this is my first go with public health! Thanks in advance
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    Hi! I do a little of everything so I'm not sure what you will do exactly since its specialized and you may provide more services. With primary care you will be giving patients their prescriptions, explaining medications and educating them on certain diets. Sometimes things like for thrush explaining the importance of sterilizing everything. At our clinic, our pediatrician is phenomenal and explains everything very well to our patients that I often just reinforce, if that. For example, if he suggested the brat diet and explained it well ill print out something to make sure they get it and don't forget it. You may do more like educating on how to properly use a car seat, nutrition, etc. we also give school physical forms, do immunizations and we can also treat things like lice with standing orders. Hope that helps a bit!

    Edited to add: this is my first position and I've been a public health nurse for almost two months and I love it. The pay is nice for what I do, just $2 less than starting at the hospital! I get paid holidays, lots of days off, lots of unique opportunities (like going on a weekend to teach a group and taking off that time during the week), retirement, etc. I am very happy here!
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    Thanks so much for the response! I am very excited. I loved comm/public health clinicals and my instructor predicted me to work in this setting. I love the community focus and the one-on-one care. I looooove teaching and honestly, the highly technical and emergent aspects of hospital nursing is not something I was very excited about. I have always preferred primary care and prevention/teaching. I was just not aware public health was open to new graduates. I have my BSN and had my senior practicum on a pediatric med/surg floor. Loved family interaction, loved the kiddos. Did not love the hospital, did not love the acute care. I am very excited and everyone I've read on this thread really seems to love their job. I am the kind of person who thinks less money is worth a better experience, so I have no issues (mine is also about 2-4 less than in the hospital). I actually also prefer more traditional working hours too. I think this job is right for me and I am right for it. Thank you for the insight as to what I can maybe expect!
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    oh! And after looking at your threads, I gather that you are in FL? Me too! What county do you work with? Gives me a little comfort in knowing that a fellow new grad got into FL public health! Any tips for interviewing? I pm'd you if you don't want to give public info
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    @Belle1005, I can't reply to your PM because it says your box is full. But here's my response and you can just PM me back if you want- my response was going to be: What is your job title? OR what was it posted as when you applied (if you even remember). The positions I applied for were Registered Nurse Specialist and Senior Community Health Nurse. Judging by the words "specialist" and "senior," I was afraid that these positions were meant for higher level nurses, more experience, etc. but it didn't say anything regarding experience in the posting and I did get called for an interview so....... I guess that's a good sign? BTW What department do you work for? Sorry for the incessant questions
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    I just emptied my inbox. Our senior RN's are our supervisors. I don't really have a department, my position is public health nurse I.
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    oh okay, well that job description is out of the picture. LOL- maybe the nurse specialist is what i am interviewing for. who knows. i would hope they would only choose to interview me because i met the basic qualification, otherwise i will slump into a sad coma after they reveal "oh, nevermind you need experience" I have been looking on PeopleFirst and i have not even seen a position that says "public health nurse" - Is that where you searched for jobs?