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  1. 0 In MN in order to be a school nurse, you have to be a licensed public health nurse as well, so I suppose this post could have gone in either area of the forum. When I worked in child care, so many moons ago before becoming an RN, occasionally we'd have an RN from the department of health show up (at least I'm pretty sure that's where she came from) and inspect the center, watch us change some diapers, and just generally look in on us. I was wondering exactly how one becomes a day care nurse, or a facility inspector? The job sort of appeals to me- I have a background in peds, I'm currently a perinatal nurse, I worked in child care for 8 years or so before nursing, so I was just throwing it out there for anyone who might know anything. Thank you!
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    I think some of the nurses in the Child Health Dept at my LHD serve as consultants to designated child care centers (providing trainings, health education, making referrals, etc.), but they have multiple other roles. In past positions, I would visit child care centers occasionally & review immunizations records/discuss requirements. As part of disease control/prevention, we took the lead on responding to communicable diseases and potential/actual outbreaks at facilities. However, in both states where I have worked in public health, the PHN served as more of an informal consultant. It was the Department of Social Services that was ultimately responsible for licensing privileges; it may be different in your location.

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