BHS: BA/BS in Health Science in Community Health?

  1. Hi!

    I have my ADN and want to go into Public/Community health. It doesn't necessarily have to be in the nursing field, but I would love to do more of a health education type of thing.

    I saw that a school in my area has a BA in Health Sciences with a Community health Education track. Would this enable me to do more of the teaching-side of health care? Would I need an advanced degree like an MPH or something else?

    What kind of jobs/careers can I expect with this type of degree? Would my ADN be an asset?

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  3. by   omgitsmari
    I'd actually like to know too. Im going through a BS in Health health also but not towards education.
  4. by   grianstad
    I have an ADN and then started on a BSN, but changed majors to a BS in Community Health Education which then allowed me to sit for the Certified Health Education Specialist exam, which I passed. Look up CHES and NCHEC (National Commission on Health Education Credentialing) and you'll get an idea of what career choices you'd have, and there really are many if you are sure community/public health is where you want to be. To sit for the exam, specific courses/curriculum must be completed, so if CHES appeals to you, check with your school to make sure you're in the right program. I went to William Paterson University in NJ. Also, check out SOPHE (Society for Public Health Education) and join as a student. If your state has a chapter, it's a great way to network and find internships and jobs. NJ has a very strong SOPHE chapter. Good luck!