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I have an interview next week for a RN position at a state hospital in Virginia and I am a little nervous and excited. I have spent almost 10 years working med-surg but have always had the desire in the back of my mind to enter... Read More

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    If you, or anyone else for that matter, is looking towards North Carolina, I'd be happy to provide what information I can about both Dorothea Dix and Cherry Hospital. I've worked for the State since 1995, with over 6 years at Cherry Hospital.

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    I have a masters in psych! I love it! I have worked in several state hospitals, main land, and in Hawaii!!!! They deserve good nurses who care about them---go for it!!!!
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    Hey partner,
    I just finished working 2 1/2 years at a state hospital in a middle atlantic state-chronic unit,average pt age:50,little movement of patients in or out of the Unit as these were the sickest of the sick-schizophrenics and manic depressives with really low function.
    I loved these fruitcakes,and enjoyed joking around with them,hugging them(as they let me),getting angry at them(many like little children),and changing their diapers( 2 so had to wear these).I know they were fond of me(in their own way) and I was almost in tears when I cleared out my locker.
    Plus,I "smoked" them(unlocking courtyard door and doling out cigarettes to them) on occasion(even though that was a duty licensed staff very rarely took upon themselves as it was incuded in the psych nursing assistant's duties)and threw a Unit party or two for them,in addition to doing all the other little things that made them feel special.
    Myself and Administration did not get along too well-I spoke my mind and would not hesitate to bash the cowardly hospital director(figuretively speaking).
    Well,needless to say,when I screwed up they (Administration) lowered the boom on me big time.
    So,my resignation was accepted and I'm pounding the pavement for another job.

    Please stand out from among the crowd-State Hospitals are notorious for harboring deadbeat,paycheck collecting,what's- the -minimum -needed- to -stay- employed Staff(both licensed and unlicensed).The patients are worth more than that,much more.
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    I agree with you mailnurse.I have stories from my time in a state hosp. in Ct.-It was a very Gothic place, was later turned into a prison, and is now closed for the duration.
    Tell us more. I'd like to see this forum come alive!
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    Sanacruz,what state hospital in CT were you employed at?

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