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I grew up trusting others and understood the importance of caring for others, along with myself. I went to a nursing program that focused on Jean Watson and her 10 Carative Factors and considered... Read More

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    "It is better to be broke for awhile and get the RIGHT JOB then to take a job that will harden you or take away your passion."

    Thanks for that little jewel of advice! I am a new grad (a very new grad, haven't even taken NCLEX yet!), and finding this whole job search thing daunting, and I enjoyed reading your post. So many of the people I graduated with are saying "I just need ANY job," but I'm a little leery of that for exactly the reason you stated. It really does make such a difference to be working with a supportive team! My preceptorship was in a small town ED and it was GREAT because I actually felt friendship amongst the people I was working with, and they were so welcoming and supportive to me. (Sadly, that hospital is not hiring new grads.)

    Anyway, psych nursing is one direction I'm contemplating because -- like you -- I find myself a little different from my peers in that I'm drawn to stuff beyond the technical side of nursing. Congrats on finding a workplace that fits you so well!