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  1. 0 I wonder if anyone can offer me any advice. I am at present a RMN(Registered Mental Health Nurse) In the UK. Am currently working in a Detoxification unit, for people wishing to detox from various substances of abuse, I find this area fascinating and what i would like to continue doing in the future. Here's the problem, In June i will be moving to the USA (Indiana / Ohio Area) I am married to a PA (Physicians Assistant) working in OBGYN and ideally i would like to continue working in detox's Maybe community, but deffinately within the Substance Misuse field.

    Is anyone currently working within this field who can offer me any advice, or can anyone offer me any ideas how i can go about this.

    Many Thanks in advance

    Paul Tyrer
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    Hi, Paul. One option for you would be to log into the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration @ You should be able to obtain a listing for substance abuse treament/mental health facilities for the states in which you are interested. It's been a while since I looked @ their website, but hopefully you can find some good info. Good luck!

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