Resources for eating disorders

  1. I'm starting off a new job in eating disorders. I've had experience with ED patients in the past but I've never specifically worked with this patient population. I'm looking forward to it

    I've dug out the textbooks and journal articles to start refreshing my knowledge, but does anyone have any specific resources--book, online, etc.--that they would recommend for me?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   Imei
    The National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) relocated to NYC from Seattle, WA this year. They are an excellent resource for information on ED's, CEU's for clinicians, what is happening in the media surrounding ED's.

    Beware of blog which are actually those with ED's who are pro-Ani's (pro anorexia). Instead, I would look up online clinicians in your area who are therapists with training on ED treatment, and read what they have on their blogs. They often have local resources listed on their sites, as well as their favorite books and articles on the topic.

    ED's are very recalcitrant to treatment, with the average tx'ment time being about 4 years for an ED that has had time to settle in the lifestyle of a young person. One important tip to remember: an ED is not about the food. Getting into arguments about food and eating is an argument and struggle that you will not "win". Whenever a patient goes into this direction, your mind should be asking questions about what the patient is avoiding, which is usually some aspect of relational pain, fear, loneliness, anger, or loss. When caregivers address these issues, it is more reasonable to assist the patient in changing his/her relationship to food as well as to him/herself.