Psychiatric NP job entailment? Psychiatric NP job entailment? | allnurses

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Psychiatric NP job entailment?

  1. 0 Hi, I'm going to attend college soon and I have one chance to choose my major, since I can't afford to switch and take new courses. I'm currently torn between getting a PhD in clinical psychology and one to become a psychiatric NP.<br><br>I'd rather study [abnormal]&nbsp;psychology&nbsp;- but that's just it, study. I don't know what I'd do with a degree in that. What I think the job of an RN is sounds great, but I also hear it's a lot of paperwork.<br><br>I'd really want to use the skills and knowledge I'll one day learn in the workplace, instead of sitting around monitoring patients' medication, dosages, times, reactions, etc. So I was wondering - whats your typical day/week like? How much of it is diagnosing, creating treatment plans, just focusing on the psychology/psychiatry aspect of it?&nbsp;