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  1. Yes, it's out there, and I had no idea it was until I finally landed a job in such facility after 2 months and 39 applications sent out to hospitals. Landed this job within one day of calling and asking if any positions were open. I had thought it to be an LTC facility, but it wasn't just LTC. As soon as I walked through the door, I noticed residents walking, or shuffling, staring off at nothing, and talking to themselves. Met with the DON and found out it was a "psych" facility. And I thought, I can't pass this opportunity up!!

    All in all, I soon discovered that some residents are loaded with health problems. Actually, it's too much med/surg considering that I have a little under 50 residents that I am responsible for on a single wing. I am constantly bombarded during the ridiculous amount of charting by residents who constantly want a PRN medication. Bombarded with room changes, phone calls, ER transfers, daily charting (depending on the circumstance), inhalers and eye drops, dressing changes, skin checks, and the all-hated admission process. I use all the skills I have ever been taught as an RN except for IVs. I have discovered that it just isn't the same as you are taught in school. There is so much more to learn and WAY too much paperwork.

    So, out of curiosity, is there any other one on this forum that has experience or knowledge regarding such a facility? As a new grad and someone only one month into this job, it is greatly appreciated! Honestly, I feel so unsafe! Lunch break? Fifteen minute break? Doesn't happen. Just too busy!
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