Psych nursing in MD/DC/Northern VA

  1. I've been a psych nurse in the Hampton roads area for almost 3 years now. I have an ADN and am currently in school for my BSN. I plan on moving to the DC/MD metropolitan area in about a year. I need info on potential employers(I would like to stay in psych), expected salary, and where to live. I want to buy not rent, 2 kids and a husband in the IT field, good schools are important as well as a family friendly environment(sports league and rec). We are originally from Baltimore, DO NOT want to live there again, but would not mind working there. I'm pretty open with location. Any info would be appreciated.
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  3. by   gnursjr2
    Hi, I just wanted to know how your ADN to BSN was going. I am looking into different colleges at this time. Is it a do-able thing to work full time and go to school. If I may ask, what school did you pick? I appreciate your input. I'm sorry I can't help with your questions, as I am on the west coast. Thx.
  4. by   MrsTaz
    I'm attending Medical Careers Institute online, so far it's gone well. Lots of busy work though but I work evenings/nights in a supervisory position so I usually have plenty of time to do my studies at work. My current job affords me the opportunity to go to school. However, with previous jobs there was no way I could work and attend school. Good luck on your endeavors