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  1. 0 I am a BSN RN as well as a licensed mental health counselor. I work in my own private counseling practice but am now entertainng the idea of returning to school so that I may obtain prescriptive powers and treat my patients that require a medication component.
    Please advise: Am I best to enter a psych nurse practitioner program?
    How much more money can I expect to earn?
    What distance/on line programs are recommended for part time study that are reasonably priced and do not require many, many clinical hours?
    Is there a better academic program/degree to take in order to prescribe psychotropics?
    I am older and want to expedite my education at this stage of life, so please keep that in mind in responding.
    I will remain here to practice in the great mental health state of Florida.
    Any input would be helpful. I am overwhelmed with information on line.

    Thank you!!
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