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  1. Can anyone tell me the responsibilities of an RN in an outpatient psych setting?? I currently work at an inpatient psych facility with kids and Im curious about the similarities and differences of an outpatient setting. Is the pay usually less?
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  3. by   nebrgirl
    Yes, my pay was less. But it was were I wanted a job and I learned a lot. Money isn't always the end all be all. I also liked that it was M-F 8-5 (Actually we had one evening we worked until 7). Again, cherry hours, and most patients were pretty compliant. Office politics however, can even worse than hospital politics. Probably saw a lot more variety because it's outpatient.
  4. by   Meriwhen
    Salary depends on where you work: I make in outpatient the same thing as I'd make if I worked inpatient, but I'm also part of a major hospital system. Hours are definitely nicer. It's not as fast-paced hands-on as being inpatient since most of your patients are stable, but you'll still do admissions/discharges, assessments, give medications, be responsible for getting labwork and orders done, and assist with discharge planning. There is a lot to learn. A big difference in outpatient is that there's a lot more involvement from other areas of the disciplinary team (therapists, social work, etc.). After working inpatient, it's been enlightening to be on the other side of the locked door and see how the patients are transitioning through lower levels of care.