Looking for a psychiatric nurse who works in Western Australia

  1. Hi,
    I am barb, a general nurse. Currently working in UK, due to return home to Australia in December.

    My problem is that I have a sister who has been defined as mentally ill but has no specific diagnosis. This has been going on for just over 20 years.

    Both my brother and I are sick to our eyeballs with her bahviour and problems, physical and verbal abuse, not predictable and very stressful for the whole family. We can't take much more. Our parents are in their seventies, dad has early dementia and the bloody services who are caring for my sister keep dumping her on my parents door step. My sister has her own place that is from the housing commision and a case worker, whose name I don't know.

    I need some advice and am hoping someone from Western Australia can help me as they know the system. I am on a quest to sort out this mess for once and all before it kills my parents. I had my mother on the phone today in tears.

    i am not interested in getting her a diagnosis ect ect, I want her social situation sorted and her case worker to do everything she should be doing, not leaving my sister on my parents door step. :angryfire
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