Is their wisdom in becoming a psych nurse if the nurse has his own psych history? - page 2

I'll try to be brief so as not to induce boredom: Since age 18 (I'm now 31), I have suffered from depression and anxiety. I received one non nursing baccalaureate degree in 2005, had a failed... Read More

  1. by   EquestrianRN
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    Equestrian RN, thanks for the feedback! I haven't really decided where I want to go in nursing, and I don't necessarily feel like I have a duty to work on psych because of my experiences, not do I feel as though I am looking for personal help by checking out a career as a psych nurse. I simply wonder if I would derive some additional job satisfaction from helping those patients that I have shared certain experiences with; objectivity is paramount to me, but I thought personal insight may help the cause. I don't know...stuff for me to think about. In the here and now,I want to build my nurse chops for awhile in med-surg.

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    Jtay,You've certainly got a good head on your shoulders, and you have gotten some great advice from other members's really nice to see that you are considering all of this. Navigating the waters of the first few years of one's career can be tricky! I sure wish there had been a forum such as this 15 years ago! Boy would I have had an easier time of things with so many other nurses to bounce ideas off of!Anyhow, it sounds like you're taking your time and will decide what is best for YOU! I agree with spending as much time in med/surg as you can stand (not a huge fan but have tremendous respect for the med/surg veterans of the nursing world!!) I did about two years total..and it gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to specialize in areas where often a med/surg background in other nurses of same specialty is lacking...I don't think I'd feel safe as a night shift charge in a stand-alone psych hospital without having that background to allow me to know post-haste that it's tinge ti call for EMS transport and NOW!! You'll have it all figured out soon, I can feel it! :0)BTW, thanks for the advice on the program (non-Swype!) because as you can no-doubt SEE, Swype is kicking my butt! (wink). You have a wonderful day!Equestrian RN :0)