What documentation for private pay, private duty nursing?

  1. So lets say that John Doe wants to hire me and pay me out of his pocket to be his child's nurse.

    We agree to certain terms and rates.

    I am now my own boss...I do report the income to the IRS at the end of the year. I have my own liability insurance.

    What documentation should I be doing? Anyone with experience with this...what documentation do you do? Should I be writing a daily shift note?

    Do you write up some kind of contract to have the family sign?..
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  3. by   sfmedic100
    This is really a question for a lawyer. I am not a lawyer. I am just going to give my opinion, should I have had the same idea as you. I will NOT be providing you with legal advice and you should not take it as such. That being said, most state Boards of Nursing will be able to assist you. I would also check into creating your own documentation, which you can probably find a format of online.

    I would do a written contract to agree to the services. Commonly, this is a "Service Provider Contract" signed by you and the family outlining exactly what you will do and what they will pay. That would protect you in the event "John Doe" refuses to pay you after you work 80 hours a week for his kid. It would be great if contracts were not needed, but this is the real world.

    You are considered your own business and I would check the IRS website (Internal Revenue Service) or consult an attorney (a lot of free consults out there) to see what you need to report. It is NOT a good idea to try and cheat the IRS out of taxes. Pay them and sleep soundly at night.

    I would also check with your liability carrier to ensure your policy actually covers you as your own business entity. I hope it all works out for you.