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I've never had to pack my lunch - unless of course I had some yummy leftovers that I wanted to finish. But now I have to have lunch for a 10 hour day shift and probably some snacks for a 6 hour afternoon shift. I can use a... Read More

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    I always bring a bulk bag of raw almonds to munch on and some fruit or a fiber or granola bar as a snack. For meals, either a frozen dinner or a small portion of leftovers. One place won't let me use their microwave (sensitive to smells of food they might not like to have linger) so I bring cereal and milk, extra healthy snacks, or chicken salad. Nearly always I bring a large coffee to reheat. I hate when the microwave is gunky and has lingering yucky smells. They usually are the same homes with sinks full of yucky stinky dishes. If this is the case, I also avoid microwave food, and the kitchen altogether!

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    I usually bring baggies of cashews- 1.5 ounces in each bag. Filling and quick: plus I don't like people to see me eat, lol

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