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I just started a new position with a Home Health Agency that I thought was for home health care. It turns out to be really private duty nursing (taking care of medically fragile kids for 12 hours a day). My first patient was a... Read More

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    Quote from Texan56
    Sterile gloves and all? Or is it CLEAN technique at home? Does the technique vary with how long the pt. has had the trach?
    When I did home care it was a clean procedure. I didn't even wear gloves during suctioning. The home is a whole different ball game than the hospital and people are sometimes surprised how different it is.

    I agree OP this case sounded dangerous and I probably would have said no too but in the future, parents can be great at orienting as long as they are not the only ones doing it. With my case, I had a nurse train me one day and the dad the other. The nurse showed me how to follow policy, fill out paperwork, and of course patient care but dad knew his kid VERY well and was able to give me tips and walk me through everything without getting hung up on "how's it's supposed to be done" which at times can be nice.

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    It's clean technique in the home. The poster above you has it wrong. (and to the poster above, trach is spelled without an "e")

    The home environment isn't sterile so everything we do is considered clean. We can use sterile technique for things like central line dressing changes, but it isn't truly sterile. For example, with dogs in the home there will be hair and pet dander that could be in the air.

    Most nurses I see don't even wear gloves while suctioning. Usually because when they started pdn they were told not to use lots of gloves because they are expensive. And other nurses choose to just wash their hands. The parents almost never use gloves either.
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    Im a vent/trach nurse my brother had a trach (no e on Trach) people will give you all the advice you can stand....Before I start a new case I look at POC and get with ENT and Plumonary Docs... If they know you they will trust you, they will introduce you to their ENT nurse she will school you on what docs expect and give standing orders for Trach care. If you wait on Agency or Mom you've waited too long. Neverever forget Children can turn on a dime so be ready. I love PDN my youngest sister Cindy got me hooked 10 years ago...I work the hospital prn until FT case comes open. I wk M-F every wkend off right now
    Home = clean tech re:Trach care

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