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12681 Does this bother anyone else but me? Just the headline invites parents to sign up to trash their nurses, rather than write good reviews. I'll reserve my opinion until I hear what you all have to say about this.... Read More

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    LOL Ventmommy that's some good Sherlocking! I've been PM'ing w that other nurse Amanda and we figured that was Nikki's site!!! Either that or Myra, who's also been nasty. (Drew first blood w name-calling.) Ironically it's those types of moms that we fear, we're quite certain that either one of those would throw their nurses under the bus as they see fit.
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    Oh, Ventmommy... that made me LOL! I'm on that site, too, because of when I was doing medically fragile foster care and I hadn't given it a second thought. I had to make a trip back there yesterday myself... and yes, it all makes sense now.
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    I think it's total BS to not be honest and upfront. Nikki even posted a comment to the effect of "Oh, I wrote to them about their TOS and they were so great and changed it." Umm, no, that's BS. YOU changed it because someone called you out on your privacy policy.
    If I was going to start a website called rateyournurse.com, I would fully disclose that it was me just like if a nurse here started wacky****myfamiliesdo.com, I would expect her to be upfront that she was a PDN.

    Also, 5starnurse is NOT like Angie's List. Angie's List is totally private when you post a review (well unless you post that you wanted your shutters painted hot pink and you're sorry that your dog bit the painter because that would make it pretty obvious). If you post a crappy review, AL will contact you and see if you want assistance resolving the issue and the company has the option of posting a reply to your review.
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