Help with Prior Approval on ePaces?

  1. 0 Has anyone done a prior approval for ePaces before? I am getting errors on the submission online and unfortunately customer service is not very helpful, referring me back to the online help, which isn't very helpful... More specifically, I believe the error is in the frequency field. I was first told to put in the total hours requested for the 6 month period, then I was told how many hours per day, per week for the 6 months. Either way, both claims are wrong! The client already has a PA because there is agency in the home but we need to allocate some of those agency hours to independent. Any takers? Please? I've been working for a month for free!!!
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    hi, i don't have an answer to this..but i am very interested in receiving some advice from you...i was just hired as a clinical nurse liaison..any suggestions for a successful career??

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