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I'm starting my last set of pre-reqs in a couple of weeks. I'll be in Anatomy & Physiology 9AM-10AM on Monday-Friday and Psychology, what they call half/half, meaning I attend 2 days from 10AM-11AM on campus and 3 days online. My... Read More

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    I might be the only party pooper, but unless you have little to no bills I would keep your job. Are job opportunities slim in your area? Do you live at home?

    Not having a job while trying to go to school was one of the biggest mistakes I made. Not only did I struggle having to pay extra costs for books, but my entire situation changed rapidly. I quit a terrible job on a Friday, had an interview Saturday morning (got the job), and was in a car accident Saturday night(four car pile up cause by elderly driver) and I lost the job due to being in the hospital and physical therapy. Savings went fast. I no longer had a place to live, I couldn't afford my car insurance, cell phone, and most importantly gas to get to school. I had zero money to eat and literally had to beg my Grandma to take me in. Needless to say I dropped out of school that semester. I was far to depressed, and couldn't even begin to focus on school. Not having money is hard especially when you've been consistently employed for 5 years like myself.

    I would suggest asking co-workers if they could switch shifts with you possibly. Saving more money before nursing school would be a benefit, especially if it meant you didn't need loans. I'm planning to quit working during nursing school and I'm saving for it now (working 40 hours a week, taking 15+ units).

    Good Luck!

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    Wow, I know that had to be a really hard time in your life. I hate you had to go through those things. I wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors.

    On my hand, I have no bills, other than my car insurance. It's the only thing my mom makes me pay for as long as I'm living at home, and it's only $320 every 6 months. Other than that, my only other necessity is cat food, cat litter, and gas.

    I'd love to ask for shift switches, but my manager has a hard time accepting those, along with anything else you happen to ask of him, and even if you pretty much get on your hands and knees (which I will never do) and beg him to do you a favor, he still gets in dick-mode and doesn't cooperate and asks 21 questions on your reasoning, while looking at you like a dumb ass. I feel I'd be of a different conclusion if they were cooperative. I rather spend time looking for a job that would just work me on weekends. Other than that, my savings would be plenty for me. My only responsibility is my cat and I'm also on my father's health insurance...

    I don't feel it's smart of me to work at a place I despise 32+ hours a week, in 100+ degree weather, or 40 degree weather (I work in the Garden Center, ours is pretty much like a green house along with no air or heat), especially with holidays coming up...people run to walmart like mad men, while trying to raise my GPA the highest I can raise it with these last 2 pre-reqs.
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    Thank you very much. It was hard, but what isn't in life? Haha

    If you feel like it's a smart decision for you then I would say go for! Especially if your mom is letting you live at home for free, which is a nice bonus.

    If my parents were willing to help pay for school and/or let me live at home I definitely feel I would only need to work half as much as I do now! It's hard work but in the end it will all be worth all the struggles.

    Good Luck!!
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    @Cassie Flip,

    Reading your story made me rethink complianing all together. I am happy things have turned around for you. You are truly an inspiration!

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